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Home of the Shortest Stories Ever Told!

Fiction that fits in a Twitter post.

Can it be true? Can you really create a work of fiction in a 140 character burst?
Judge for yourself! Read the short stories on this page and see how much fiction can be packed into such a tiny space.
Each of these fictional pieces is a self-contained story.

  • McFoible decided that if he had to be buried up to his neck in quicksand,, he'd prefer not to be upside-down

  • Sucking blood oranges, the vampires in the nursing home warned bored children about the perils of bad dental hygiene.

  • How was I to know Lizzie was an axe wielding mass murderer when I asked to see her cleavage?

  • Jimmie eagerly followed the path shown on the faded map, found the spot marked with a cross and discovered - the pirates' latrine.

  • The only time we met she called me a childish idiot. I used her as a character reference. I'm applying to clown college.

  • She knew he loved his Twitter, and this would be a cool status update. But could he just wait until after he said "I do"

  • The fiends that kidnapped my bonsai oak have started to send me tiny acorns in the mail.

  • Doctor Doolittle discovered why you never get between a mother bear and her cubs - when he tried to stop them arguing about bath time.

  • Albert always wanted to live his life full throttle. He just didn't anticipate it ending with squealing brakes.

  • The local news anchor is depressed. He took time to actually read the news rather than just read it out. Now he knows just what bad news is.

  • "It's no big deal" he told the boss."When I make a mistake no-one dies"."Yes said the boss."But that's not the point.You're an executioner"

  • Uncle Al told me he was macarroned on a desert island. He said it was like being marooned, but he spent 6 months eating coconuts.

  • During the funeral my phone chirped. People glared. If only I had looked! I’d have seen the text from the soon-to-be-cremated. “Let me out!”

  • Haunted by a nagging thought that there was something he was meant to do today, surrounded by family wanting him to wake from the coma.

  • "Anything to say before I pass sentence?” “Yes, M’Lud. By paying for bootleg DVDs with counterfeit cash I was merely an agent of karma”

  • Martians do exist. They spent millennia perfecting camouflage, anticipating our attempts to invade their privacy. We are lousy neighbours

  • Teachers said I'd never amount to anything. Classmates called me puny. Look at me now! In the news. On TV. On the FBI's most wanted list.

  • I like the company and love the food. I think I'm having fun. But part of me is dreading the inevitable squabble over the bill.

  • She smiled in her sleep. Dreaming that they would be together forever. He smiled through his day. Knowing they would be together forever.

  • Through flu’s delirium I finally understand. As far as Mother Nature is concerned, humans are the virus. And she’s looking for the cure.

  • He was a prison guard. She was visiting her incarcerated husband. They fell in love instantly and shared three to five great years together.

  • The masked man robbed dozens of local banks - all on Thursdays. Apparently this is when the nursing home let him out to visit his family.

  • A tiny seed on concrete. Does it even know it could become a tree? Provide food and shelter? The worst thing to waste is potential.

  • You lend me your ears and offer me your heart. What I really need, though, is a kidney.

  • The reason for the recent sewer backups has been announced. The pipes were clogged with thousands of flushed "Don't litter" leaflets.

  • Haven't brushed my teeth for days. Stuffing mustard covered garlic in my mouth. Eating curry. Dentist today. Why shouldn't he suffer too?

  • Our first date didn't go well. I wore my lucky cross, ordered the garlic bread.She stared at my neck all the time and had to be home by dawn

  • Looking up from the keyboard she saw a blank screen. Nothing she had typed was there. Where do all those typed letters go? To feed the bugs?

  • At 45 he started searching for his lost youth. In fast cars, younger women and new hair.He found only emptiness and lost everything-his wife

  • The Vampire baker opened oven the door. Another flat cake. Try more flour next time. After all, blood is thicker than water.

  • They say the Man On The Moon can see The Great Wall. What does he think? Marvelous Wonder or a scar on the planet's face?

  • Every night she drew a heart in the sand. The waves washed it away leaving her heart broken. Her distant lover felt the pull of the tide.

  • Peter was obviously having a sympathetic pregnancy. What was unclear was who he was most in sympathy with; his wife or his fiancé.

  • Dear diary - he wrote - my Mum insists I fill you out. But I really have nothing to say. My life is filled with empty pages. Past and Future

  • My new watch is an indestructible self-winding hunk of shockproof waterproof ultra-titanium. Within a week, though, I'll lose it somewhere.

  • Al wondered if the irrational swing in the stock market would be up or down today as he decided whether or not to have butter on his toast.

  • He always felt he was the insignificant part between his shadow and his reflection. In reality, though, he filled the void so well.

  • "I'm down to my last few pennies" he said as he smoked my last cigarette and ate through my fridge. It was nice of him to let me join him.

  • Beachcombing he found short messages in aspirin bottles. Were they stranded in Lilliput?

This website contains just a little of my extensive collection of short fiction.

If you are interested in purchasing stories for publication or hiring me to
write for you on a freelance basis or would like to use
fiction from this site for commercial purposes, please Email Me.

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