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Home of the Shortest Stories Ever Told!

Haiku Page

Welcome to my haiku page!
Haiku is a Japanese writing form of art.
Its rules have been adapted to western languages - to demand
a specific syllable count per line.

Here you'll find my Haiku.
My personal favourite is the 4 Part Haiku For All Seasons.
I try to use the symmetry of four haikus to outline the moods of the seasons in Milwaukee
as experienced by the people who live here.
It may be the first true Milwaukee Haiku


The Haikus

Apparently not.

Even though we were so sure,

we were both still wrong


I peruse the news
seeking sudden deaths that left
rich lonely widows.


sitting on bus
hearing half conversations
loud folks on cellphones

Who could despise pies?
flaky exoskeleton
hiding meaty prize


The jury ponders
Can they see guilt on my face?
I sit cuffed. Helpless


like mismatched socks
because they're the last ones left
we're the perfect pair

deep, dark and murky
what secrets lie within Loch Ness
are there dinosaurs?

tea forgot in pot
dark and sweet. No longer hot
may cause teeth to rot

Shark sits under boat
waiting for fisherman's lure
hungry for supper

Traitorous plumbing
gargles menacingly and
threatens to explode

You are ice on ice
Treacherously beautiful
so I fall for you

Mean Streets
pavement lined with gold -
oily sheen reflects the moon
where I sleep tonight

Spider looms over
A reflection of the world
caught in a raindrop

Romance still survives
through a miserable cold
with love and hot soup

Hawk sits watching door
Neighbour lets out yappy dog
I support the hawk.

the life of a mouse
intersected badly with
the life of a hawk



Name. Birth Date. Death date

Worn stone hides the truth of you

Your life lived so rich


I used to eat lunch
On a gravestone. This explains
My morbid humour

Graveyard Reflections
Four moods from one setting

Look close in the moss

I scraped our names together

Short lived. Like our love



Like eye of the storm

City commotion surrounds

You are quiet as grave





Spilled Milk
spilled milk never cries
but spilled whisky looks like tears
crying out 'Drink Me'!

Virtually Home
Across an ocean
He visits his old homeland
In the virtual world.

Mouse Trap
Mouse trap set, he waits.
Listening for the snapping sound.
Hoping - But dreading.

My Own Fault
Slippery when wet.
I ignored the warning signs.
Now Iím floor ward bound.

Night Flight
bloody twilight feasts
flight to find the next victim
mosquito vampire

Awake Alone
your voice wakes me up
gentler than my alarm clock
but you slumber still

Delicious pudding;
Splendidly unrepentant,
Secretly lovely.

Romeo and Juliet
Young but wild with love
Played so many times. Always
Ends in tragedy






Milwaukee in Spring.

Ground erupts with new green life

Fleece replaces down.




Milwaukee Winter.

Snowdrifts in yellow streetlights.

People hibernate.


Haiku For All Seasons


Milwaukee Summer.

Tables appear on sidewalks.

Dancing in the streets




Milwaukee in Fall.

Leafy rustling underfoot

People blurred by fog.






This website contains just a little of my extensive collection of short fiction.

If you are interested in purchasing stories for publication or hiring me to
write for you on a freelance basis or would like to use
fiction from this site for commercial purposes, please Email Me.

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Tiny Fiction Home Page

How can you support this site?
Easy!   if you see a link below that interests you, please click it.

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