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Terrible Call Signs

I don't know how much reading letters out to other folks you do.
If you do, then you'll be familiar with the radio call Signs -
you know, instead of saying 'B' which sounds too much like 'C'
you say 'Bravo'. Well, in case you want to do a really terrible job
and deliberately confuse folks, I've given you the original
Call Signs and my Terrible Alternatives.

A Alpha Arctic
B Bravo Booze
C Charlie Chip
D Delta Delighted
E Echo Entrance
F Foxtrot File
G Golf Gave
H Hotel Hi-Fidelity
I India International
J Juliet Junta
K Kilo Knot
L Lima Lit
M Mike Mitt
N November Nebulous
O Oscar Ooze
P Papa Pseudo
Q Quebec Queasy
R Romeo Retool
S Sierra Shingle
T Tango The
U Uniform USSR
V Victor Vial
W Whisky Wabbit
X X-Ray Xenophobe
Y Yankee Yugo
Z Zulu Zen


This website contains just a little of my extensive collection of short fiction.

If you are interested in purchasing stories for publication or hiring me to
write for you on a freelance basis or would like to use
fiction from this site for commercial purposes, please Email Me.

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