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Home of the Shortest Stories Ever Told!

Six Word Stories

Welcome to my page of six word stories!

A page full of bite-sized stories for when you just don't have time
for an opus magnum...

  • Past misadventures led to present memories.

  • I need you more than oxygen.

  • Moon chases sun chases moon.

  • We live together in different worlds.

  • Tiny termites ate my huge house.

  • A tourist in his own kitchen.

  • Washing machines only eat left socks.

  • Mosquito buffet: All they can eat.

  • Misinformed Satanists summoned a Tasmanian Devil.

  • I fell. I bruised the earth.

  • Mr. PotatoHead the cannibal loves fries.

  • She stole my heart and wallet.

  • Humble pie made with false humility.

  • I'm always awake in my dreams.

  • My bathroom scales are ruthlessly truthful.

  • Do ghostly wolves haunt in packs?

  • Work over. Let the fun begin!

  • Took stupid to a new level.

  • My final breath lasted an eternity.

  • Hard boiled thugs walking on eggshells.

Sometimes a few six word stories work as a set, revealing a little more with each one. I am just starting to experiment with the power of six word stories multiplied!

  • I love the way she leaves.
  • I prefer the way she arrives.

These short stories sometimes develop in themes. Here are my current themes.

Famous Last Words

  • No way's that rabbit rabid.
  • Of course these mushrooms are safe.
  • Perhaps if I added lighter fluid.

Undead Stories

  • friends don't let zombies eat drunks.
  • Don't let zombies pick your brain.
  • faster they run, tastier they are. (Ancient zombie proverb)
  • Never say "Bite Me" to vampires.


This page contains the shortest fiction I have created. Try writing six word fiction yourself. It's quite a challenge fitting even a simple concept into each tiny story.

This website contains just a little of my extensive collection of short fiction.

If you are interested in purchasing stories for publication or hiring me to
write for you on a freelance basis or would like to use
fiction from this site for commercial purposes, please Email Me.

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Tiny Fiction Home Page

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