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Text Messaging Abbreviations

You young folks out there love to text. You know who you are!
And you've made a nice wee language out of your text abbreviations
with your 'LOL' this and 'MRL' that. But now Instant messaging is being adopted by
businesses worldwide, it's time us business-heads started their own abbreviations.

Always at the cutting edge in this type of thing,I've made a start.

The Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning   Abbreviation Meaning   Abbreviation Meaning
calm career limiting move   gimp give in to manager's priorities   spild small part in large disaster
ead early adopter   scald spilled coffee all down me   talk text on little keyboard
brrb brain reboot   2tuf too tough (hurts my brain to think about it)   snooz snail mail user
gps gotta point somewhere   lisp lost in space (way off topic)   noqo don't quote me
bad broke another diet   nipme not if you paid me   lel lose earth lock (wandered off topic)
pif plate is full   pul pick up line   cocal couldn't care less
tmt too much to type   doce day over. email closed.   tmm too much misinformation
alley arrives late. leaves early   code-ass change of direction-execs attended sales seminar   woe waste of energy
prud project running downhill   gobe go over-budget early   glote gotta look out - teamwork expected
wich whose in charge here   amna another meeting - nothing accomplished   wos waste of space
nopp nasty office politics player   bnob brown nosing boss   wot waste of time
sow same old work   gon going nowhere   whan work happened. achieved nothing
msg multi-system glitches   pc pirate copy   maft manager away. foosball time.
ocd overly complex design   bow boss on warpath   mia missing in accounting
tat time for a tantrum   goofoff going out of office   bass boss alert-stop surfing


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