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Home of the Shortest Stories Ever Told!

Nuggets Of Wisdom

I know you all hang on my every word.
Here's another reason to do so!
I'll share my nuggets of wisdom with you, if you listen close.


More than two pieces of broken glass in your sandwich is a trend
Probably bset to stop eating it.


Get Through The Day
Every weekday morning convince yourself it's Friday
Your day will be a lot brighter and happier!
And the next day, when you realize you conned yourself the previous day, go back to the start...
"That's a bummer, but at least today really IS Friday..."


Bad Choices
Never use a doctor whose website links to a funeral home.
The same applies to restaurants!


Get Through The Day
Work is a lot more bearable if you unplug your phone and 'break' your email
and Instant Messenger client

Two Tenets of Computing
I can distill my years of experience in IT into 2 simple-to-follow tenets
Follow these and you'll never go wrong!
They also apply to general life

  1. Never, ever change anything
  2. If you really must change something, refer to Tenet 1.

Moving Hazard
People who drive off with their hazard lights still on count as "Truth In Advertising".

More Fun
Don't miss out on the Scottish Highland Games just because it's raining.
What can be more fun than watching someone in a kilt, up to her / his knees in mud, wrestling with a waterlogged telegraph pole?

Sudden Changes of Direction
Hide the New York Best seller list from your manager.
Unless you like attending a PowerPoint presentation and being expected to adopt the latest crazed organizational fad!

Project Management Tip Number 1
Go over-budget on your project early. That way you have more time to catch up.
Why not kick the whole thing off with a nice fancy party?

Weather Whines
It's acceptable to have a little complaint about weather in Winter.
Or you can gripe about the weather in Summer.
But if you do both, please exit my presence immediately - and go to live in San Diego.


Never look at the nutritional information when you are half way through a snack.


Wash Your Hands
People in the catering industry who need to be reminded to wash their hands
in the bathroom before returning to prepare food --
Please get a different job.


Glass Houses
People in glass houses should
buy curtains, wear clothes, or work out a little.


This website contains just a little of my extensive collection of short fiction.

If you are interested in purchasing stories for publication or hiring me to
write for you on a freelance basis or would like to use
fiction from this site for commercial purposes, please Email Me.

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