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Home of the Shortest Stories Ever Told!

55 Word Stories

Here you'll find some of my very short fiction.

For a few years I've been writing short stories with a simple restriction;
each story has a maximum of 55 words. This is a small selection

of the many stories I've written. I'll keep adding

new ones over time, so keep coming back!



New Adventures

McFoible sang happily to himself. The sun was shining, he had a few dollars in his pocket and he was confident something new and exciting was just around the corner.

For once, he was right.

A newly escaped lion lay in wait, and life was about to get extremely exciting.


Rude Awakening

I awoke to some funereal dirge playing outside. I smacked the wall, shouting "I'm trying to sleep!"

That didn't work. Now people were screaming. I sat up angrily and cracked my head on a ceiling. Groping around I found myself hemmed in on all sides.

That explained the commotion, then.

This was my funeral.


Cookie Fortunes

My job? To keep the cookie fortunes upbeat.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times. Fortune burnout. They start off happy. Pleased with their cushy job. They write “Today fortune smiles on you” and “You make the world smile”.

By the time they leave they’re submitting “There’s more to life than banal drivel. Lucky number 13.

Waiting For Trains

I told the waiting stranger, "Trains don't stop her any more,"

He looked at me, the sadness of ages in his eyes.

"They do for me", he sighed.

Just then a ghostly whistle came from the tunnel and he raised his flag.

"All aboard!" he called mournfully.

A Cardboard Box

He woke in a small room.

How’d he get there? Was he dead? Kidnapped?

Terrified, he scraped the wall. Cardboard? Slowly he tore a hole to look through. And saw a land littered with boxes.

By night he could wiggle through the hole. Exhausted but free he fell asleep.

He woke in a small room.


As he rode his bike through the thunderstorm he knew his rubber tyres protected him from lightning. Thunder crashed around him. Rain drenched him. But he was beating nature.

Of course, when he arrived home, he had to ground his feet.

You guessed it.

Lightning struck - and he was killed. By a falling tree.

Act Like A Fox

I called the talking rabbit Angus because of his Scottish accent. He told me about burrowing underground and his fear of foxes. Of eating leaves and fear of foxes.

I shot a fox that night. In his dying breath he whispered, “Don’t blame me. Rabbits are tasty.” So I tried one. He was right!



When I left my parents couldn’t understand my wanderlust – the need to explore. They collected my exotic postcards while I spent my life on planes, trains and buses.

As I examine my drifter’s life I too ask myself why I traveled. Mainly to sample the world’s beer and cheeses – and now local supermarkets stock them.


Doctor's Visit

My doctor used purging, trepanning and a cold bath to assuage the Puerperal Fever. Then he scraped me with cherry bark, applied the leeches and fed me mercury. When I told my wife what I had endured she said, “I know the Amish doctor is cheap but next time you’re going with Board Certified.”



I don’t think much of your friend. So clumsy! Stood on my foot when we danced. Spilled wine on my new trousers. A disaster at Jenga! Those fat fingers knocking the tower down time after time. I was embarrassed for her. 

How did you meet? She saved your life? How? She was your heart surgeon!


Memory Loss

He woke up unable to remember who he was. He panicked briefly but managed to calm himself down. Still nothing. He seemed to be in front of a cave. Perhaps clues to his identity lay within. He went in to investigate.

“Mum!” cried Johnny, “The fishy’s hiding in the cave again!”

Hatred Of Snow

How he wished the snow would stop! He hated snow. The inconvenience. The shoveling.

Unknown to him, others felt the same way. His would-be assassins circled in their plane above. Eyes glued to the fuel gauge they grew worried. If this snow continued they would have to turn back and forfeit the contract.


After being stranded on the island he was constantly cold and hungry but alive. Once he saw people in a jungle clearing. Just before stepping out to greet them he saw the large boiling pot and people in cages. How he ran! That evening they flew away leaving him alone forever – their filming was over.


Of Course

As the course haired doctor developed a course of action his mind was on the golf course. 

Of course the course of drugs was administered as prescribed. The drugs coursed through his patient’s veins over the course of a week. 

In due course the course was the cause of a court case over a corpse.


Pond Rings

Like pond rings our ponderings grow from a single point. Gaining momentum. Spreading out. Quickly followed by others. We make waves. 

Then, like ripples on the water, our musings lose their energy and fade. Leaving calm waters that seem untouched.  

But still we live in hope – trying to leave permanent impressions. Like water carving rocks.


Trained Athlete

He ran all day and all night.
Never short of breath. Never needing to stop.
He ran through mountains, under seas, over rivers.
When he reached the end of the line, he dropped off his load, picked up another and ran back the way he came.
Still faster than the wind.
Still the fastest train.


California Time

We interrupt this broadcast for an important announcement. The Governor of California has declared that California has opted out of International Time Zone conventions. While travelers entering California may adjust their watches backwards, when leaving they may not adjust them forwards. Thus aging baby boomers can remain young by repeatedly crossing the State’s borders.



They confiscated everything that he had stolen before tossing him into jail. He watched as his childrens' toys were ripped from their hands. They even seized his wife's wedding ring.

All they left him was a diamond encrusted watch.

Which served as a constant reminder of the time with his family he was losing.


Clyde's Story

I stole a kiss and arrested her heart. Thus began a life of criminal romance. She wore another man’s ring but we knew we’d die holding each other’s hands. We were inseparable – robbing, being chased, and dodging bullets together. The danger was thrilling. But waking beside her was what really got my adrenaline pumping.

Bagel Dude

Always late.

Always hungry.

Always a line at the bakery.

As I entered, I smelled him barge past.

Saw his hand slide through greasy hair.

Heard his last puff before his cigarette hit my shoe.

Felt his skateboard scrape my shin.

I could almost taste his derision.

Now, behind the counter, he sullenly hollered ‘Next’.


She was afraid of spiders, and sent her sons to kill them.

Not all of them came back.

She was always hungry, and sent her sons for food.

Some did not return.

She hadn't got out of bed for a year so her daughters raised their sisters.

It was quite the life being Queen Ant.


A Roof Over My Head

My mood is as foul as the weather. Both  keep worsening.

 Lightning taunts me. Thunder harasses me. Water pours from my bare head all the way down to my spongy shoes. 

I used to love the rain. That was when I had a roof over my head. Now all I have is sky and misery.


Surprise House

The house hunter was intrigued by its description – “full of surprises”. She loved the bonus rooms and wonderful extras. Every turn led to new excitements. She put in an offer and was delighted when it was accepted and the keys were handed over.

The greatest surprise came a week later when the faulty wiring ignited.


A Bad Cake

The vampire baker looked at his cake in disgust. Darn! Another cake had failed to rise.

He scratched out part of the recipe and re-wrote it. Try doubling the eggs next time.

After all, blood is thicker than water.


(I also wrote this as a piece of Twitter Fiction here)


This website contains just a little of my extensive collection of short fiction.

If you are interested in purchasing stories for publication or hiring me to
write for you on a freelance basis or would like to use
fiction from this site for commercial purposes, please Email Me.

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